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Who am I?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

When I stepped onto the outdoor basketball half court in middle school, all I wanted to do was fit in with some people. Moving to a different state in your formative years is a challenge in many aspects. I had played basketball for a few years and loved the sport. When I was 6, my grandparents would send me VHS tapes to Uganda of Michael Jordan playing. I knew basketball, so hopefully, I could find some friends through that. That day an identity came about that I desperately desired but I was not meant to have. I was 'Speedy' the basketball player, not William Graham. I graduated 6 years later, many people never knowing my actual name.

From then, until my freshman year of college at LSU, all I cared about was basketball. It was who I was and what I wanted to be around. However, this did not work out for me. I was told no when I tried out to be a manager for the men's team. I had worked for them all summer and then had to do a tryout in which they even made me do conditioning drills just to mess with me. Which, looking back, is objectively hilarious. My identity I had built up was crumbling though. Then to make matters worse, I couldnt even play basketball consistently because my knee caps would dislocate very easily.

So the following summer, I did what any normal human being would do, I went on a mission trip (back to Uganda) for 2 months. God provided over 5,000 dollars in less than 2.5 months through my friends and church family and I was good. I was off to learn who I truly was supposed to be.

Up until now I was an extreme introvert, I had few friends and was fine with it.

But in Uganda, I only felt called and lead to study the Bible and teach it. This really stressed me out because this was the opposite of who I was comfortable being. I was by no means good at it but I had a million opportunities. I was preaching in front of many hundreds of people, doing small groups, and even did a radio spot. It was crazy. I felt fulfilled while also extremely out of my comfort zone in life. I felt like I was living out my purpose, to share with others what I had felt like God wanted me to share.

Fast forward to 2014, my senior year of college in Longview, Texas. It was here that God continued to reveal my new identity. I had been doing youth ministry the past few years but also getting certifications in personal training and sports performance. I had always thought I was supposed to be in ministry like my father was, but I had loved sports performance training since high school. So I was getting closer, but still had an internal battle. LeTourneau university's big thing is that God and the work place belong together. You can have a secular vocation and also be obeying God. I never understood that completely until I felt the "God actually loves what I love" become real for me. I still tear up when thinking about it.

So I dove all into sports performance.

Now we are in 2020. Six years later. I have met people that I love dearly, that believe in me, and are the reason I am where I am. I have got to do some really cool things, and trained the caliber of people most trainers will only dream of training. I have built relationships with all kinds of people that I will cherish forever. However, I have not done it perfectly. I even took a detour from my identity at one point but I know now more than ever, what my purpose and identity is in the Kingdom of God. I am a sports performance coach in the Kingdom. I am to be intentional with sharing and building.

I share this in hope you will join me in finding your purpose. We are all searching for a place to belong and a purpose for our lives. I am at the next step of my journey and I look to begin others with their journey. This website is an outpouring of mine and I hope you will find some information that is helpful to your life.

Much love and blessings,

William Graham, CSCS

Human Performance Specialist


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